Conclusion of water supply and sewerage sale contract is compulsory for all AS Sillamäe SEJ clients.  The contract is made for certain or uncertain period. Water supply and sewerage sale contract is usually concluded after the execution of the connection contract.

The following documents are required for conclusion of water supply and sewerage sale contract:

• Written application for contract’s conclusion
• Document, certifying property rights for the given object: contract of sale, certificate issued by register of buildings 
• Identity document: passport, driving license or ID card
• Notarial attested warrant if the contract is concluded not by the owner of the object with:
- the validity dates,
- name, surname, personal code, address of the representative and owner and their signatures.

Customer gets technical conditions for water supply and sewerage together with the contract, which contains an act of the parties’ responsibilities for the servicing of water supply and sewerage networks during 15 days after giving the application. The contract determines the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer, prices and payment terms.
While concluding a contract our specialists will be glad to give you explanations and consultation concerning the questions connected with our company and water supply.

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